1. The Abbey of Fandor and the Hospital of the Holy Fandorians

Abbey of Fandor Map The largest building in Blackfen, this vast stone structure is not only the main church of the city, but is also a hospital and monastery. Built after the Battle of Blackfen, to tend the many wounded, it now acts as the main chapel of worship for Fandor as well as a monastery for the Fandorians. It continues to act as a hospital, serving the local population, Fandorians, and all those who uphold the integrity of Karnish.

The building is split into four main sections: the main public chapel, which runs down the center of the building; the Chapel of Hamuthia, which is the private chapel for the monks and clergy; the Hospital of the Holy Fandorians; and the monastery, located to the rear of the main chapel.

The building itself is incredibly ostentatious. Externally, huge buttresses and flying buttresses hold the structure in place and towers topped with spires reach into the sky. The main chapel is dotted with pointed arch windows, flooding the inside with light, where the vaulted ceilings and vast columns add to the awesome nature of the building. Above the impressive and beautifully intricate carved darkwood doors that give access to the main chapel is a stunning stained glass rose window depicting Fandor.

The Abbey of Fandor and the Hospital of the Holy Fandorians is presently run by Jarrus Yarmord, the Honorable Magistrate Divine, who has overall responsibility for the administration of all aspects of the abbey and is the Church's most senior clergy in Blackfen. As well as chairing the bi-annual Assembly of the Nine (as have all The Honorable Magistrates Divine before him), where the nine recognized churches of Blackfen meet to discuss ecclesiastical matters, he also sits on the Blackfen City Council.

Due to the size and importance of the abbey, Jarrus is well supported with the help of Eclora Pinnymor, who carries out many of the general duties of the church, along with her two assistants Marlond Hirstwhite and Phiria Dorrind. These, in turn, can call upon the support of the half-dozen acolytes who help run the church and spread the word of Fandor, who are supervised by Head Acolyte Rymas Yolmor.

Keras Mirim is the Brother Supreme of the monastery and responsible for its smooth running. He reports to Jarrus, who is his superior within the church. He delegates many of his everyday duties to Brother Marrus Erston. Yve Sensorian is responsible for the half-dozen monks who love in the monastery and reports back to Marrus, who is her superior.

Either Marlond or Phiria will almost certainly be the first port of call for those requiring the services of the church, who will only refer them on to Eclora if they either deem it important enough or are unable to deal with the request themselves. As Jarrus is exceptionally busy, very few actually get a private meeting with him and, generally, only at the request of Eclora.

The church are happy to sell divine potions, prepared by Eclora, and cast divine spells, for a large fee of course, which helps generate the funds required for the running and upkeep of the abbey.

For most, the closest they will come to the monks of the monastery will be as patients at the hospital, as it is the monks who tend the patients there. The monks are otherwise reclusive in nature, spending the majority of their time in the monastery or garden.

Adventure Hook: Jarrus is concerned about the people of Tunridge, a thorp a few miles to the north of Blackfen. News has reached him that several of the folk there have fallen ill with a mysterious illness and he suspects there may be an outbreak of the Black Death of Zykerathox. Some reports reports are suggesting that the victims are already returning from the dead as zombies.

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