As with its neighbors Rysor and Ord, Adoria is a nation of mixed races who work together under a political structure that sees each of the groups represented on the Great Council, where the meetings are chaotic and long. Adoria is a small and peaceful nation that, in recent years, has discovered a small supply of pearls along the coastline around Heragor, which are exported almost exclusively to Norvsond, where they are shipped on to the further reaches of Arrasia. Being largely agricultural, Adoria also exports it surplus grain and foodstuffs to the settlements along The Savage Coast and The Badlands, as well as to Norvsond.

Adoria is an isolated nation and has little contact with the world at large, except for its trading vessels with the other nations of the northern waters. The races live in harmony under one political umbrella, yet live separate lives within their own groupings, albeit with frequent interaction. The discovery of pearls has brought some wealth to Adoria, though primarily to the people of Heragor, which has seen its population grow as a result.

Significant Trade Export

Grain: Adoria exports its excess grain to the settlements along the shores of The Savage Coast and The Badlands, especially during the winter months. It is also exported to Norvsond.

Pearls: Small quantities of pearls are commonly found off the coast of Heragor, which are exported primarily to Norvsond. Although this has brought in some wealth to Adoria, the numbers are quite small.

Precious Stones: Agate, hematite and quartz are all found in Adoria, which are usually fashioned into pieces of jewelry for the rich and fashionable. Some is exported, primarily to Norvsond.

Brief History

The great exodus of Norvsond after the civil strife there, which saw King Ould The Unforgiving claim the throne, saw these lands, previously populated by the elves and gnomes, emerge as a new nation for the displaced people of Norvsond. However, unlike with Rysor and Ord, the initial tensions between the new human settlements and the indigenous population soon broke out into sporadic fighting. During this period, many settlements - new and old - were wiped out.

A great plague also swept through Adoria during this period which decimated the population and quickly brought an end to the conflict. After the plague had passed, the leaders gathered and agreed to live together under a single political banner, with each to be represented. With peace assured, the new settlements soon established themselves and although trust was at first lacking, trade and contact eventually brought all sides together to live peacefully.

During The Second Elven Strife, Adoria found itself in conflict with the armies of Tettungba, who had achieved great success in defeating the wood elves of Hir'vassäl Eduth, and found itself partially overrun during this time and Heragor forced to close its gates to the evil that moved freely across their lands. An alliance with Rysor, along with a contingent of elven archers sent by the great elven Queen, Glornias, saw Tettungba's minions defeated in the Battle of Putton and the lands freed.

Although the Amman wars went by largely unnoticed in Adoria, a small detachment of their finest sailing vessels was dispatched as a gesture of friendship to Norvsond and took part in the Battle of Addenbar, a great naval battle that saw the two nations of Amman and Norvsond clash on the high seas. Amman was defeated, ending any notions of the conquest of Norvsond and with it securing the freedom of the nations of the northern seas.

The discovery of pearls saw Heragor grow rapidly as great numbers were drawn to the lure of the new wealth to be found there. A disastrous consequence of this rapid growth was the outbreak of a second plague, which saw Heragor isolated and its population devastated. After recovering and once again seeing the wealth return, a third plague struck the city, once again wreaking its devastation. Heragor was rebuilt after this with a new sanitation system more capable of handling the numbers that now lived there.

The Major Towns and Cities

Heragor: (pop: 7,500) Heragor is the merging of the old and new, with the old docks, known as the Old City Quarter, a chaotic weave of buildings built right next to one another with small cobbled streets and alleys common features. The city outside of the old, partially destroyed walls are open plan, with wide expanses of parks and wooded areas, exquisite ornate fountains and the buildings and streets clean and well built. The Great Gates of Adoria, which are part of the old city walls, are maintained in good order and are a symbol of the city's freedom, as they were the very gates that withstood the forces of Tettungba during The Second Elven Strife.

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