For so long regarded as the jewel province in the Karnish empire, many now regard it as an albatross dragging Karnish into the depths. With the power and influence of Amman rising every day, more and more resources are required to keep them at bay and maintain the long fought for freedom of Amman-dur. Only the presence of Syrámä and the elves of The Endless Forest have kept the Amman armies from advancing on Amman-dur and fulfilling their long held desire to reunite their ancient nation. As well, not everyone in Amman-dur supports the Karnish occupation, as they would see it, and insurgency is a growing problem for the streached and almost over-whelmed forces of Karnish.

Amman-dur was the first Amman province of the Karnish empire and has been used as a base of operations against Amman ever since. All the land that falls under the Amman-dur umbrella once belonged to Amman and war between the two nations has been almost constant for over 400 years. For the majority of the population, enslaved and oppressed under their old Amman rulers, the freedoms and wealth defended by their Karnish rulers are welcome and most regard themselves more as Karns, with the Karnish language spoken thoughout the land and Karn culture and ideoligies the norm.

The Amman culture, however, yet remains in many dark quarters, where the new Karns are despised and the ancient language of Amman is still spoken. This is especially the case in rural and isolated areas. Prayers to Yerraz and Arak Kal - and even still to Hakkan - can be heard in many homes and the name of Zykerathox is spoken all the more often as their brothers in Amman rise. Many organizations set up after the occupation still thrive, along with many new ones, actively working against Karnish, often under the direct leadership of those in Amman. Such is the growing influence of these organizations that Karn authorities have taken to tracking them down in order to reduce their influence, but as yet without any real success.

Humanoid activity within Amman-dur has always been, and remains, a significant problem, especially with large numbers of orcs who roam the countryside or have established themselves in the Phyz Mountains, with their numbers seemingly on the increase in recent years and their throw actively growing. Large bands regularly strike against the people of Amman-dur, and while suspicion is that the forces of Amman are directly behind these attacks, the true degree of influence is largely unknown. There are many who would suggest that Amman in fact exerts no real control at all and these are now renegade war bands, attacking and destroying whatever it is that they come across, as is the want of orcs.

With the rise of Zykerathox's armies to the west of Karnish and the constant threat of the barbarian hordes, Karnish no longer has either the funds or resources to maintain the garrisions of Amman-dur. The borders with Amman are now a constant source of conflict and large swatches of the western territory have been reoccupied by Amman, right up to the Phat Downs and Syramassa River. Aym-J'zeer, the ancient capital of Amman and a highly sought after prize by the Emporer of Amman, now sits right at the heart of the conflict between the two nations is almost constantly under siege. Large scale battles along the borders are common and all too often the once victorious Karns now find themselves overwhelmed and in retreat.

The Royal Overlord of the Amman-dur province ranks amongst the most powerful individuals in Karnish and with the position comes great prestige. Although Amman-dur remains the greatest of the Karnish provinces, the slow errosion of its borders and the cost of maintaining it is strecthing the Karnish coffers at a time of war on all fronts and there are many who have begun to think the unthinkable, namely giving up the terriotory and pouring all their resources in the war against Zykerathox. The Royal Overlord, however, remains adamant that this would be national suicide, with the unification of Amman all but certain.

The lands where the Battle of Am-Gazim took place now bear the scars of that great battle, with the earth turned into desert from the scorching flames and churned up into hilly terrain. The North Karnish Road, which joins Am-mun to Aym K'dur, goes straight through this eerie patch of land, which is both dangerous and haunting.

Significant Trade Export

Copper Ore: Mined throughout Amman-dur, many communities have grown up around the industry. Much of the copper winds up as coinage.

Horses: Amman-dur exports large numbers of horses throughout Arrasia, but especially to Karnish, where they are purchased by those wealthy enough to afford them, but not wealthy enough to purchase Farasian or Sárian horses.

Precious Stones: Azurite, bloodstone, malachite, lapis lazuli, onyx, quartz, rhodochrosite, sard and sardonyx are all found throughout Amman-dur. Bloodstone and onyx in particular are highly prized in Amman-dur, as, indeed, they are throughout what was once Amman, and are sculpted into exquisite pieces of jewelry, many of which are also now popular in Karnish and beyond.

Silk: Amman-dur is renowned for the quality of silk garments that it exports throughout Arrasia. Primarily manufactured in the east of the country, their silk is considered a sign of high fashion and taste throughout the wealthy of Karnish.

Tin: The Phyz Mountains are particularly abundant in tin and whole communities there have emerged around the tin-mining industryi, despite the dangers that lurk within the mountains themselves.

Brief History

See Amman for the brief history of Amman-dur.

The Major Towns and Cities

Aym-J'zeer: (pop: 60,000) One of the ancient cities of Arrasia, Aym-J'zeer was once the capital of Amman and the evil empire it spawned. Although it has long been under Karnish control, it is still filled with those who would see Amman restored and as such can be an exceptionally dangerous place for the careless. However, it is the seat of Karnish power in Amman-dur and many Karnish influences - including language, religion and culture - are now the norm. The city itself is built on a grand scale, with vast monuments lining the main thoroughfares and vast, ostentatiously decorated buildings and towers taking pride of place. However, this disguises the web of alleys and cramped living conditions that most of the poverty stricken population are forced to live in. Bazaars are common and the city is often awash with bright and colorful fares and street entertainment is common. Many of the old towers dedicated to Hakkan have been torn down, but several still remain, though they are in poor condition.

Shakidah: (pop. 45,000) An ancient city, Shakidah is architecturally like any other old city of Amman, with elaborate thoroughfares and grand, ostentatious buildings with spectacular facades. Towers of Hakkan dominate the skyline, overlooking the maze of alleys and tightly packed houses that the majority of the population are crammed into. The city is noisy, with bazaars and street entertainment common, and is also a major port with ships coming and going from The Enchanted Bay, the Sea of Guardians and beyond. Karnish culture is predominant and insurgency here is not high. The wealthy and powerful all follow the latest Karn trends and Shakidah acts as the center through which the silk trade of the region passes.

Jalfoussa: (pop. 30,000) A significant trading port along the coast of The Enchanted Bay, Jalfoussa also acts as the gateway to and from the Sea of Guardians. It is a lively city, with bazaars and street entertainment filling many of the tight and winding back streets that make up much of the city. Karnish temples dedicated to Fandor and Mynax are situated triumphantly in the Great Square. Howwever, there remains a growing band loyal to Amman and the Towers of Hakkan remain as reminders of their past. The buildings located along the main thoroughfares are extravagant affairs, with ornate facades and spectacular statues lining the roads. However, these only act to mask the filth and poverty that the majority of the population still lives in. Jalfoussa now acts as a significant Karnish naval port from where their navy helps patrol both The Enchanted Bay and the Sea of Guardians.

Sy-Amsel: (pop: 28,000) Situated on the coast of The Enchanted Bay, Sy-Amsel is a significant port for both trade and the Karnish navy. Isolated along the northern borders and without any major roads connecting it to the rest of Amman-dur, access is almost primarily from the sea. Although Karnish culture is strong, many still secretly pray to the ancient gods of Amman and keep the old customs alive and with the fall of the lands west of The Enchanted Bay, many more are turning back to the old ways. Towers of Hakkan can can still be seen in the city and dominate the skyline, acting as powerful reminders of the roots of this city and its people, even to this day. Much of Sy-Amsel is covered in the filthy slums of the poor, which is hidden by the grand thoroughfares and ostentatious buildings of the rich and powerful. Bazaars and street merchants fill the streets with noise and color and a sense of the exotic is palpable for those new here. But it is no place for the unwary, with powerful organizations always looking to find new victims who may help further their own cause.

Am-mun: (pop: 23,000) The most culturally Karnized city anywhere in the Amman-dur, Am-mun is almost like being in Karnish itself. Being located so near the City of Karnish and often acting as a first port of call for those traveling from that city, the Karnish language, religion and culture have all but consumed that which preceded it. It is also one of the safest cities in Amman-dur, with almost no emnity towards the Karns. Having grown significantly over the last few hundred years, the city is a chaotic, intricate web of thoroughfares and back streets, fused with what remains of the old city. Bazaars and street entertainment are as common here as they are elsewhere in Amman-dur. It is one of the few cities where the old Towers of Hakkan have all entirely been destroyed.

Aym-K'dur: (pop: 17,000) The North Karnish Road ends its journey here, in the city of Aym-K'dur. Great thoroughfares wind their way through the ancient city, with statues of old Amman Emperors still lining the streets, along with great tributes to Hakkan and his evil minions. His towers still reach into the sky, though mostly derelict and in a state of disrepair, dominating the skyline. Like all the old cities of Amman, the spectacular facades hide the filth and squalor that the majority of the population lives in, with the magnificent palaces of the wealthy a stark contrast. The port area is a maze of alleys, populated by criminals and those that wish to remain hidden from the authorities. The streets of the city are ablaze with the color and sounds of bazaars and entertainment, with people hawking their wares or looking for easy victims.

Am-Gyk: (pop: 8,500) Having grown significantly since the building of The North Karnish Road, which is the lifeblood of the city, Am-Gyk sits as major town on the trading route from Aym K'dur and The Enchanted Bay. Having grown almost entirely under Karnish rule, it feels far less like a city of Amman and more like one found in Karnish itself, with close roads, tall buildings and Karnish arches and fountains common. Very little of the ancient Amman empire can be found here, with little representatives to their gods and few who speak their language.

Am-Anak: (pop: 5,000) Isolated on the north western coast of Amman-dur, Am-Anak has always been a hotbed of anti-Karnish sentiment and tensions are always boiling under the surface. Political assassinations and civil unrest make Am-Anak one of the most dangerous cities in Amman-dur and being located near to the border with Amman keeps these fires burning. Culturally, the city still slants heavily towards Amman and though Karnish culture has found it's place, it is not embraced by all. Although many of the old monuments to Hakkan and Voln have been burnt, secret societies dedicated to their return, as well as to Yerraz and Arak Kal, are still common and in recent years the growth of churches and organizations dedicated to Zykerathox have grown. Even now, Towers of Hakkan still dominate the city skyline. The city itself is an extravagant affair, with ostentatious buildings built on a grand scale, hiding the squalor and filth of the majority of the population. Am-Anak is a significant port along the trading route to Norvsond and the nations of the northern seas.


The Black Hands of Hakkan
See Amman for a description of the Black Hands of hakkan.

Important Personages

Wend Thoros: The Royal Overlord of Amman-dur, Wend Thoros is amongst the most powerful women in Arrasia, as Amman-dur represents the crown in their empire, with Aym-J'zeer a symbol of the power and might of Karnish. However, ruling over Amman-dur has never been an easy job, and has become a considerably worse one in recent years with the rise of Amman. Even after so many years of occupation, anti-Karnish sentiment is rife and it is her unenviable task to reconcile the old culture of Amman with that of Karnish and to defend the border with Amman and keep the insurgents under control, infiltrating and destroying them where possible. With the majority of resources now being consumed with the war with Zykerathox, this has become an increasingly impossible task.

Peyter Saras: The Governor of Sy-Amsel, Peyter Saras is renowned for all the wrong reasons. Self-indulgent, egotisitical and arrogant, many of the population have grown to resent this man who regards enhancing his own power and reputation as more important than carring out his duties in Sy-Amsel and the surrounding areas. He has grown rich on the trade that passes through the city, creaming off much of the wealth for himself.

Nyros Ardas: General Commander of the forces of Karnish in Amman-dur, it is the duty of Nyros Ardas to defend the country's borders from the incursions of Amman. Despite the lack of resources at his disposal, his tactical nous and acumen has seen him outmaneuver superior forces in several key battles. As such, his reputation is so high that many amongst the ruling elite of Amman-dur - including the Royal Overlord herself, Wend Thoros, fear that he will be recalled to Karnish to take command of the war there against Zykerathox.

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