Gold Coast

Gold Coast


The coastal regions of The Gold Coast are spotted with all kinds of settlements that have established themselves wherever the natural wealth of the region has revealed itself. The entire coastal areas are rich in alluvial deposits of precious stones and metals, especially gold and diamonds, which attracts prospectors from all over Karnish, even though life here is tough and often short. Those that return to Karnish are usually those who have made enough to return as wealthy members of the community, adding fire to the rumors of the wealth of The Gold Coast.

The settlements are usually small in size, though some have grown up to become small ports. They are ramshackle places, with muddy streets that are water logged in the rainy season and baked hard during the hot summers, which they are for the majority of the year. Some of the communities are hives for criminal gangs and these places are usually rife with corruption, while others offer more lawful protection to their citizens. Occasional conflicts break out between the settlements and alliances toward a common goal are not uncommon. On the whole, however, there is little interaction and the people of each community concentrate on themselves.

The baking summers mean that crops often fail and much grain and foodstuffs are imported from Karnish. The merchant vessels that make the journey from Guileigh do so at great risk, as the journey is long and the seas dangerous. However, the rewards can be high. As such, pirates are also common around the coastal regions, preying on the merchant vessels that traverse the waters, requiring the merchant vessels to be heavily armed or defended by more capable ships.

Humanoid raids against the settlements are common, with dog warriors and goblins a persistent threat. Many settlements have been wiped out, but such is the draw of wealth that others are always willing to take their place. Orcs were something of a rarity until recently, with large numbers having been reported attacking some of the settlements. Rumors are beginning to grow that Hith is sending his minions east across the Fiery Mountains from Jerad and suspicion is increasing. Disease is common and communities have been wiped out through devastating exotic illnesses that have left settlements eerily empty, but untouched, many of which remain as ghost towns, the mere mention of their name enough to send a shiver down the spine of even the hardiest souls.

Significant Trade Export

Diamonds: Diamonds are an abundant resource in The Gold Coast. It is said that during the early occupation of this region diamonds could be found freely on the beaches. However, this is no longer the case and alluvial diamonds are now mined for along the rivers and estuaries.

Gold: The Gold Coast is rich in alluvial gold deposits and the region gained its name because of the sheer volume of gold that was at one time arriving into Guileigh. However, any trade with The Gold Coast is difficult, due to the treacherous journey that must be undertaken, so much is lost en route.

Precious Stones: The Gold Coast is abundant in many precious stones, which are exported to Karnish through the port of Guileigh. Amethyst, Emeralds, Garnets, Spinel, Topaz and Zircon are all found as alluvial deposits along the shores of The Gold Coast.

Brief History

The Gold Coast was first settled after the Amman invasion and their occupation of the south, when people were uprooted and fled from the invading forces and the harsh regime they imposed. The wealth that they found there was immense, with beaches said to be sparkling from diamonds that simply lay in the sand itself.

However, life has always been tough, with any attempts to occupy the interior always meeting with failure. The lands are full of wild beasts and humanoid activity, especially goblins and mongrols. While these humanoid clans spend much of their time warring with one another, raids against settlements are common and vicious.

Although the wealth of The Gold Coast always somehow managed to filter its way back to the civilized world, it was not until the emergence of Karnish that merchant vessels made their regular and dangerous journey to take essential foodstuffs to the settlements and trade for the precious metal and stones found there. The Karnish port of Guileigh has grown up around this trade and now ranks amongst the wealthiest of the cities within Arrasia.

However, wherever there is such wealth, so there is also crime and corruption, with criminal gangs and pirates operating along The Gold Coast and in Guileigh itself. There are well-established rumors that powerful gangs run their operations from Guileigh, but maintain a powerful presence within the settlements. Indeed, some of the gangs are said to be actually running some of the settlements. Warfare between these powerful groups is common and the mysterious disappearance of powerful individuals, both in The Gold Coast and Guileigh, is not uncommon


Long Arms of McCorwen
This criminal group is said to operate in many of the settlements along The Gold Coast, siphoning off a sizeable percentage of the wealth that is shipped to Karnish. Their headquarters are reportedly in Guileigh, where they can keep their eyes and ears peeled and stay one step ahead of the law, smuggling in vast quantities of gold and precious stones. They are extremely vicious and those that have stood in their way have been quickly, and painfully, swept aside. It is rumored that they have taken direct control of several key settlements along The Gold Coast and indirect control of many more.

Zealots of Fandor
Fanatical followers of Fandor, the Zealots of Fandor have come to The Gold Coast to spread his word and bring them into the fold. They have actually been exceptionally successful and Fandor is a highly popular deity in The Gold Coast. The Zealots are vocal in their opposition to the large criminal fraternity and many, who have become too vocal or heard too much, have found their untimely end. However, they are a powerful group and feared by those gangs that would rather see The Gold Coast free of their zeal.

Important Personages

Captain White Eye of the Grey Sea: A legend throughout the Grey Sea, Captain White Eye is feared by merchants and mariners alike, for his reputation as the most fearsome pirate on the seas is not without foundation. He operates a number of ships and his audacity is such that he has even been known to come ashore and attack settlements and has even found success against the Karnish navy. His left eye is said to be entirely white and that his looks are as fearsome as his reputation.

Captain 'murderous' Blixen: The second most feared pirate of the Grey Sea, his colors sends shivers down the spine of any that are unfortunate enough to see them. His main penchant is to torture his victims, which is said to give him great pleasure. Victims of any worth are usually held for ransom, with parts of their anatomy sent to persuade loved ones to pay for their safe return. His temper is wicked and even his own men fear him.

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