Hagaard (Upper Urgolia)

Hagaard (Upper Urgolia)


Hagaard is also now known as Upper Urgolia, having long since been consumed into the Urgolian empire, where the wars with the elves of The Endless Forest and the many humanoids that occupy these wild lands continue. Although there are many small settlements along the banks of The Syramassa River, the people are predominately nomadic. However, nomadic or otherwise, tribute must be paid to the Great Nuhata of Urgolia in both gold and the annual handpicking of their sons and daughters for those who will become the future warriors of Urgolia.

Ruled by the Nuhata's Hand in Maraput, Hagaard is now consumed by war. Within its own borders, the large numbers of humanoids are a constant threat and make regular raids against the Urgolian settlements and the nomadic tribes. With so many humanoid warbands, alliances between them are common, as are wars between the different tribes and races. On rare occasions, large unified humanoid armies emerge which go on the rampage, destroying human and humanoid foe alike and it has not been unknown for Urgolians to make temporary alliances with other humanoid tribes to help defeat these dangerous enemies.

To the north of Hagaard, a war with the elves of The Endless Forest has been ongoing since the Urgolians first invaded these lands and attempted to move north beyond The Golden Peaks, where they met with stiff resistance from the wood elves there. Open war is rare, with quick raids and brutal skirmishes common practice. The expert horsed Urgolian archers against the precision of the elven archers makes combat a deadly affair, with losses running high on both sides.

Brief History

See Urgolia for a brief history of Hagaard.

The Major Towns and Cities

Maraput: (pop: 1,500) By the standards of virtually anyone else, Maraput would be nothing more than a small town. In Hagaard, however, it is its principle and largest city, with rude huts and tents the standard fare, dominated by the occasional stone building. The tents, however, can be elaborate affairs, with even the rich preferring them to stone or wooden buildings. Bazaars are common, with the people selling their goods or bringing entertainment to the muddy streets.

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