Hith is the master of all Hithanon, and the chaos and terror that reign here reflect his will and dominance. There is constant internal strife and violence and only a loose political structure, with only the fear of Hith's power that hold them together. However, fear and promise of wealth and power are enough to maintain their servitude and the hills and mountains of Hithanon are filled with his hordes and powerful servants. Tensions between those that serve only Hith and those who also look elsewhere for spiritual guidance are a common feature of life in Hithanon, with tribal conflicts a fact of life. Powerful minions who dwell in Gad-Harak, a monstrous tower around which has grown a significant shantytown, execute the will of Hith.

Hithanon is a hard, rocky landscape in which those that dwell here live tough lives. It is here that Hith's armies are bred and trained, with those that are ready taken to North Hithanon where they fulfill their lives in service to Hith, usually ending up on the end of a Karnish spear or blade or in the conflict with Zykerathox. The tribal rivalry between the different clans often leads to conflict and bloodshed and clashes between the different races are also common. However, the fear of Hith maintains their focus and these skirmishes are never prolonged affairs.

Gad-Harak is a bleak tower from where Hithanon is administered and Hith's most loyal and powerful servants can be found. Around Gad-Harak a large, dirty and chaotic shantytown has grown up, numbering in the thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands. Violence and conflict are the norm and the town exudes the menace of the brooding tower that dominates it. Even those that live in the shantytown fear the opening of the gates and the horrors that loom within.

Brief History

See The Land of Hith for the brief history of Hithanon.

The Major Towns and Cities

Gad-Harak: (pop: unknown) Having grown up under the shadow of the dark tower, after which the town is named, Gad-Harak is a sinister and eerie place, where even the inhabitants feel the brooding menace of the tower and the horrors that lay within. None know exactly how many people live in Gad-Harak, though it said to be in the thousands, living in shanty huts made mainly of rough wood and earth, with stone buildings for the servants of Hith who do not dwell in the tower. It is also home to a large number of slaves, who are used to work the many smithies that operate here, which send black smoke spewing into the air and which sits as a smog over the town.

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