The Untamed Lands of HuriGhol

Untamed Lands of HuriGhol


This vast track of wild land is home to some of the fiercest human and humanoid tribes in Arrasia, as well as some of the largest. Traditionally the home to nomadic barbarian tribes, and large numbers of kobolds, orcs and goblins, HuriGhol has in recent years become home to many of the minions of Zykerathox, including demons from Herophet, who use it to launch attacks against the freecities of The Northern territories, who have an alliance with Karnish and who themselves had been making regular sorties against Zykerathox's forces in The Fallen Lands. Although large numbers of barbarian tribes remain free from Zykerathox's influence, many have also been either enslaved or paid to make war on the forces of The Northern Territories and the land is now rife with war.

As with so many of the nations bordering The Fallen Lands, the lands have been ravished by the Black Undeath of Zykerathox, which has swept through the human and humanoid tribes, in particular in the south, where the dead now walk. The plague has no bounderies and freind and foe alike has been struck down and all manner of foul dead creatures infest the southern regions of Hurighol in particular. Some parts of The Rakok Forest have become almost impassable and rumours are begining to emerge of a powerful undead lord who now controls much of the south.

The Rakok Forest dominates much of Hurighol. Traditionally home to a large population of kobolds, who settled there after the fall of Fane and the destruction of his army, as well as high numbers of orcs and goblinoid, the forest is now home to many foul creatures and allies of Zykerathox, as well as the dead who walk. Many of the humanoids not under the sway of Zykerathox have been forced north, away from their traditional homelands. The forest is also home to poisonous spiders and other wild beasts, which find good food from picking off stray and weak humanoids. The Rakok Forest is amongst the wildest and most dangerous places in Arrasia.

Brief History

HuriGhol has no history, for it is a lawless, wild land that has been squeezed between the ever-growing civilized nations of Arrasia. Wars and tribal infighting have always been common in HuriGhol, though occasionally a unifying force in the shape of a great leader has emerged. The greatest of these was the goblin war chief, Huri Ghol, whom these lands are now known after, who secured an alliance between the major goblin tribes, before waging war on his orcish enemies. After several successful campaigns against his foes, Huri Ghol moved his vast force south against the, then, independent nation of Yeod.

After several successful victories against the forces of King Merridor III and the sacking of the town of Merfield, which was then torched and razed to the ground, Huri Ghol retreated back into the wild lands where his alliance broke and the goblins melted away. However, although Huri Ghol never again succeeded in bringing together the warring goblin factions in such large numbers, he was always able to unify large numbers of tribes and his raids in Vidor, Eastdale and Yeod are the stuff of legend amongst goblins everywhere.

The Northern Territories and the Confederation of U'Thol were once themselves a part of these harsh lands. Traditionally, the inhabitants have been content to remain within their own land and make sporadic attacks against the civilized nations, but the new chaos has seen Hurighol at the heart of some of the fiercest fighting and the tribesmen and humanoids now make regular and coordinated attcks against the armies of The Northern Territories, who themselves make regular sorties into this land.

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