Jerad serves two main purposes within the Hith empire. Firstly, it allows Hith to exert control over the southern base of the Great Barrier Mountains and, secondly, the plains are home to many tribes that supply a constant stream of slaves for Hith and his war against Zykerathox and Karnish. The orcs of Hith have made their homes primarily in the north of Jerad and from there they launch quick raids against the human tribes, whom are captured and usually end up in Gad-Gorick. However, desert orcs are becoming more common in the south as Hith uses them to make raids into the Gold Coast.

The tribes of Jerad are largely nomadic warriors whose ancestors live within The Great Jungle. The lands are hot and the further south one travels, the hotter it becomes. As such, Hith's orcs prefer to dwell in the northern regions of Jerad, either in or at the base of the Great Barrier Mountains, though desert orcs are now operating across the south. Orc bands scour the lands looking for slaves to support Hith's war efforts. These are usually held in harsh conditions until enough have been gathered, who then begin the long trail west, usually winding up in West Hithanon in Gad-Gorick, where they serve the needs of Hith and his minions.

There are no major settlements in Jerad, with the natural inhabitants of the lands nomadic and the orcs preferring their own dwellings in the mountains. However, orcish witchdoctors of Hith maintain the focus of the tribes, acting as Hith's mouthpiece and executing his laws. As such, the witchdoctors play an important role within their tribe and an important role in maintaining Hith's presence in this far-flung, yet important, part of his empire.

Brief History

See The Land of Hith for the brief history of Jerad.

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