A small nation on the southern tip of the Falagrim Peninsula, the peaceful people of Kalder are a freindly, agrarian folk who tend to keep to themselves and have little bearing on influence on the ways of the world. Kalder has little in the way of natural wealth, isolating the nation from the trading routes of Arrasia, though occasional merchant vessels do harbor in the capital, and only significant urban center, Ornenbor, which is also the seat of the Kingdom's reigning monarch. The large numbers of races found in Kalder generally live in harmony, with elves common in the pleasant villages and hamlets.

Ornenbor is a sleepy backwater, where very little happens. The occasional arrival of a Karnish naval vessel that has wandered off The Falagrim Straights is enough to set the city abuzz with excitement, but otherwise there is very little of note that occurs.

The natural bays and rugged chalk cliff coastlines of Kalder are often used by pirates who terrorize the merchant vessels of The Falagrim Straights and the Aggenbor Sea, before returning to their hideouts. Some of the pirates are said to have established permanent camps where their ships can be serviced and where they can relax between sorties.

Brief History

Kalder has changed very little over the centuries, though the human presence has grown in what was once a land dominated by elves. With the northern borders of Kalder being defended by the elves of Gal Eduth, there was very little expansion into these lands and the gnomes, elves and humans that lived here did so peacefully. Small agricultural communities sprang up on the coasts and rivers, but the gentle way of life continued.

Kalder quickly succumbed to the Amman invasions into the Falagrim Peninsula, though fighting between the unified clans of the human settlements and the elves and gnomes continued throughout the occupation, though only sporadically. The occupation of Kalder continued well after the defeat of the Amman forces in the Battle of Jala in Eppen, but was eventually cast out by a large contingent of Eppen, elven and Kri-Aruk dwarven forces and the local warlord Bood The Ugly, who unified the lands under his banner and assumed the position of monarch. Bood's lineage has sat on the throne of Kalder ever since.

The Major Towns and Cities

Ornenbor: (pop: 6,500) A leafy, sleepy city, Ornenbor is the gate through which all the trade, at least what little of it, passes. The merchants of Kalder are nearly all based here, feeding off the frenzy of activity which occurs whenever a ship drops anchor in the harbor, which is all too seldom. The people speak mostly speak Eppish, though the wealthy tend to also peak Karnish and Annasse is also spoken. Karnish fashion tends to arrive long after it has ceased to be fashionable elsewhere, but is nonetheless seen as the height of sophistication amongst the aristocracy. The port area can sometimes get quite boisterous when ships are in, but otherwise is, like the rest of the city, generally quiet and trouble free.

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