The small, peaceful nation of Ord exists in isolation from much of the rest of Arrasia, with only its small fleet of merchant ships to be found in the northern waters. At peace with all its neighbors and with the natural barrier of The Endless Forest protecting their southern border, Ord has little to fear except for the forest itself, which is home to all kinds of creatures, both friendly and not so friendly.

Humans are the most represented race, but are outnumbered by the total of the other humanoid races. Ord is primarily made up of elves, gnomes and large numbers of fey. Halfling are also a fairly common sight. This mix of races co-exist under a republic which sees representatives of all the races meet to discuss the health of the nation and, when required, to vote in a new emperor to represent Ord. Each emperor is appointed for life, though the Council of Ord Representatives also retains the right to vote out an emperor, should it ever be required (which, to date, it never has).

Ord has excellent relations with their neighbors, Adoria and Rysor, and the majority of their trade goes to these nations. However, Ord merchant vessels can be found around the coastal nations of The South Norv Sea and The Sea of Ord. Although they have little in the way of natural wealth, Ord handles a large volume of Darkwood that comes through the sporadic and unpredictable trade with the elves of Andor in The Endless Forest. The Darkwood reaches Karnish and the other nations of Arrasia via the ports that line the coasts of Norv, Yerad, Nÿgamär and some other northern nations, who trade directly with the merchants of Ord.

Significant Trade Export

Darkwood: Although not indigenous to Ord, Darkwood comes through trade with the elves of Andor of The Endless Forest. This valuable resource is then shipped on to Norv, whose greater merchant fleet sees it reach all the quarters of the globe.

Brief History

The humans of Ord settled here after the civil war of Norvsond and the great migration that followed. The coastal communities that sprang up soon came into contact with the suspicious elves and gnomes that had already established themselves. Although there was some friction and the occasional skirmish, these were soon a thing of the past as the different races learnt to live with one another. A political alliance evolved and the republic of Ord emerged, where each race and tribe was represented. Later, an emperor was elected to represent Ord.

During the centuries of Amman domination, Ord was largely unaffected, isolated as they were, and continued in much the same vein as they had previously. A small number of troops were periodically sent south in support of the elves of The Endless Forest and many of these saw activity in the Amman wars, but Amman was almost entirely unaware of Ord's existence and probably would have had little interest in them even if they had been.

Ord has continued in much the same vein as they always have, with the Karnish culture having had little or no effect upon these people. They have found trade between the northern nations enough to sustain them, especially with the Darkwood that passes through Ord from the wood elves of Andor.

The Major Towns and Cities

Ganz: (pop: 2,500) The only significant settlement in Ord, Ganz is a beautiful town, with leafy green suburbs, enormous trees and full of color and blossom. Gardens are tended and the broad streets clean. Mostly the wooden buildings are well made, with beautifully carved facades. Small copses are home to elves, who have created their elaborate dwellings high up in the branches. One such elven tree dwelling houses the Emperor and another the Council of Ord Representatives. Even when busy, Ganz is sleepy at best. However, nearly everything exported out of Ord is done so through the small port and Ganz is home to most of the significant members of the population.

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