Teschenia (Far Urgolia)

Teschenia (Far Urgolia)


Although still largely nomadic, permanent settlements have established themselves along the coast of the Sarazoa Sea and Haphassus has grown into a significant settlement east of The Golden Peaks. Having recently fallen under the banner of the Urgolian empire, the tribes that once stood together now bicker and fight amongst themselves and the Council of Fire, who once controlled the alliance of the tribes who fought for Teschenia against Urgolia has been disbanded, creating a political vacuum the Urgolians have yet to fill. To add to the chaos, the presence of elven archers from The Endless Forest, defending their own homelands, has seen the the struggle with Urgolians continue and once allies now at war.

Haphassus was until recently the largest urban center in the east, but has since been overtaken by Delamar in Farashar. The city was greatly reduced after several long sieges, the last of which saw it fall under Urgolian control, it's defenses in ruins and large parts of the city burnt to the ground. There is much poverty and unease in Haphassus with urgolians yet to fill the power vacuum left by the demise of the Council of Fire, who once ruled Teshcenia from here.

Despite all the current failings of Teschenia, the Urgolians are slowly beginning to stamp their authority and culture over the people, already insisting on the payment of taxes and the offering of their sons and daughters to swell the ranks of the Urgolian armies. There is as yet little desire on the part of the Teschenians to abide by such rules, but already the iron law of the Urgolians is seeing many do as requested, despite their misery and poverty.

Brief History

See Urgolia for a brief history of Farashar.

The Major Towns and Cities

Haphassus: (pop: 3,500) Single story, stone huts with thatched roofs, set in small plots of land where goats and other livestock wander, are the standard fare in Haphassus, with anything larger easily visible. The Tower of Kweld stands on a hill overlooking Haphassus, which is home to J'syrus Kweld, a powerful wizard who arrived here some years ago after making his way from the west. Mostly, only the wealthiest boast of doors and windows and the landscape is rugged. The streets are little more than strips of dirt that become badly rutted when it rains, which is often. The sound of the occasional smithy and stonemason can be heard across what is otherwise a quite town set on a peninsula that stretches into the Sarazoa Sea. Although Haphassus is a significant port on the Sarazoa Sea, it is little more than two wooden jetties and a number of fishing vessels. Much of the stone wall that surrounds Haphassus has been destroyed and large areas, especially those further from the center, have been burnt down by the Urgolians after they captured the city.

Important Personages

J'syrus Kweld: Little is known of this elven wizard, who arrived in Haphassus upon a merchant vessel from Syrámä. He almost immediately set about building the Tower of Kweld - a significant stone structure which overlooks all of Haphassus - and has lived there ever since. He partakes little in the affairs of Teschenia, though played a significant input in helping to defend Haphassus when it was besieged by the forces of Urgolia, earning him some respect amongst the locals, who otherwise hold him in a great deal of suspicion. The Urgolians attempted to gain entrance to his tower after the fall of Haphassus, but eventually gave up after a pyrotechnic display that saw a significant number of their warriors killed and quickly retreated. Like the locals, they now hold the tower, and the wizard, in much suspicion.

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