Yarasal J'naria (the Plains of the Barbarian Hordes)

Yarasal J'naria (the Plains of the Barbarian Hordes)


Uncivilized and sparsely populated, nomadic barbarian tribes cross the plains of Yarasal J'naria, often warring with the large numbers of other humanoids that call this wild land their home. With the Pass of Merin not so well defended as in previous years, the tribes pass freely west on their incursions and migrations. They have no loyalty, except to their tribe, and care not for the nations of the civilized world or their politics. The plains are scattered with hundreds of tribes and clans, who spend much of their time warring against themselves, when they are not raiding the lands of Karnish or the League of Ordwyn - lands which were once themselves part of Yarasal J'naria - or the dwarven realms in the Gava Hills and the small halfling enclave of Nendor and regularly cross deep into the eastern Karnish provinces.

Yarasal J'naria has no political structure or organization, with the nomadic human tribes never settling anywhere for too long before moving on. These tribes follow seasonal, migratory routes that their ancestors followed before them and which are hundreds, if not thousands, of years old. The plains are home to a large number of humanoids other than humans, with Wild elf tribes, orcs, and especially goblins all common in the melting pot that is Yarasal J'naria. These warlike clans are usually small in number and strife between clans is as common as strife between competing races. However, powerful leaders sometimes emerge who unite the clans and make war upon their enemies, though such clan unifications are usually short lived, tempestuous affairs.

Yarasal J'naria is also home to a large number of powerful foes. Hill giants and ogres exist in quite large numbers and are a constant threat to the bordering civilized nations. Trolls are also common enough.

For those that live in the Plains of the Barbarian Hordes, as the humans refer to these lands, life is tough and bloody. Wars are common and internal bloody strife a way of life.

Brief History

The wild lands of Yarasal J'naria have remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. Essentially, Yarasal J'naria has no history, for there are no settlements. The history of these lands is that which is passed down as lore between the clans.

The barbarian tribes of Yarasal J'naria are a major threat to the civilized neighboring countries, with tribes making constant raids, pillaging and murdering wherever they pass. The tribes are ruthless, without pity or remorse. During the peak of the Karnish empire, they would send regular sorties into yarasal J'naria to attack tribes too near the borders, nd disperse them, but with the vast majority of their troops called away west to fight in the war against Zykerathox, this is no longer the case and the barbarians have become emboldened and activity is high.

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