Spotlight: Arrasia

Article by Keith Robinson
Posted August 1 2013 in Zinedoms Vol 1

ArrasiaArrasia is a planet that sits at the heart of all creation. It came into being, as all of the universe did, after the coming together of Veradu and Ergon which filled the Great Void. Kavak was the first to discover it, though it was then little more than a rock. There he created the dwarves and built the wonderful citadel of Lima in the tall peaks of the great mountains. Kavak found beauty in the rocks and Lima was a magnificent place, hewn out of the stone and dug deep into the bowels of Arrasia, which the dwarves called Kiwani. There they found precious metals and stones, which they forged into beautiful objects.

As Kavak made the journey between Arrasia and Damarkan, he unknowingly brought with him the seeds of flowers and trees that were stuck to his feet, which he unknowingly took to Arrasia and soon the world was beautiful, as if it were a part of Damarkan itself. For a time, Arrasia was only known to Kavak, and there was nothing but joy there. The dwarves dug deep and had no worries or concerns or enemies. However, Voln, the evil mistress of Gort, eventually discovered Kavak’s secret and the time of peace on Arrasia came to an end. Slowly, as the world became populated with people, the gods more and more desired dominion over it and the world fell into a chaos from which it has rarely emerged. For a long period of its history, the evil empire Amman controlled much of the world until it was eventually defeated by Karnish.

Arrasia is now populated with all manner of creatures: humans, elves, and dwarves, as well orcs and goblins, giants, and even dragons. Great nations have emerged – both good and bad – and fought amongst themselves for power and for glory. Even some of the Aslah themselves have made their home there, in particular both Hith and Xykerathox.

The civilized nations of Arrasia can be found around the temperate center of the world, with much of the extremities remaining wild and unexplored. Many are filled with foul creatures. Slowly, humans, who have become the most numerous of the races, have expanded their borders and tamed the wild lands, though this nearly always brings them into contact with the denizens of those lands, who are usually not keen to give pack up and leave without a fight!

The vast majority of The Kyngdoms concerns itself with Arrasia. All of the nations are fleshed out, with their histories told and the main settlements and cities, plus the most important people, all highlighted. The races are also fully explored. It is a world full of depth and beauty, but also much horror and sadness. It is a place that reflects the best and worst of the Aslah, who have done so much to shape it.

Arrasia is a world full of stories, both joyful and sad, ugly as well as beautiful, and much of what you can found on these pages will absorb your attention, as well as your imagination, for as long, or as little, as you wish it to.

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