Zinedoms . Issue 3

Article by Keith Robinson
Posted April 2 2013 in Zinedoms Vol 3

Welcome to the third issue of Zinedoms.

I hope you are seated comfortably, because in this issue we take you all the way to hell! Fear not, we promise to bring you back again – after all, where would we be without you! The third issue of the Zinedoms is all about Herophet and we promise you the foulest and most uncomfortable journey we can manage!

Our main feature this month is a look into the worst place in the cosmos – Herophet! Herophet has played a central role in the history of Arrasia, and none of it has been good. The font of all evil, Herophet was created by Gort as his home and although it wasn’t a fiery hell when he first built it, hate and jealousy poisoned his soul and his home soon reflected it. In this issue, we explore the history of Herophet, as well as looking at what it is like there.

We also take a look at the other hells of Herophet, of which there are many. Herophet itself is split into two, with Pakara making up the other, smaller, half. Both have many other dimensions connected to them, while Herophet itself also has a dungeon that some claim is endless and has many layers that are dimensions in their own right.

No place of pure evil would be worth its salt without its incumbent master of treachery, so we also explore useful information on the site where you can find out more about Zykerathox, the current Lord of Herophet whose rise to power caught many off guard, but who has so far proved to be a worthy master of evil.

No edition of the Zinedoms would be complete without our round up of our weekly Blackfen releases. This month brought you a map of the local geography, helping set the scene for Blackfen. We also finish exploring the themes that dominate the chattering classes and begin to explore a darker side of the city – the world of criminals. In particular we look at the Black Bears, a gang who dominate North Blackfen.

Finally, we would like to encourage you to leave your feedback and let us know what you think. This is already our third month since the relaunch and we’ve been very busy bringing you articles and exploring different areas of the world and site. We really would like to hear what you think about what we’ve done so far.

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