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Article by Keith Robinson
Posted May 1 2013 in Zinedoms Vol 6

We’ve been very busy here bringing plenty to read with our weekly releases about the city of Blackfen, and we’re already onto our fourth edition of the zinedoms. Part of the purpose for this e-magazine is to help explore the world and show you places that you’ve perhaps missed or overlooked. It is also a place where we expand upon and add to the existing material. So far, we have looked at a range of places and people, as well as the Aslah and their homes. As always, we love to hear from you and would like to know what things you’d like us to cover. Is there some part of Arrasia or the cosmos that has grabbed your attention and leaves you wanting more? Let us know about it and we’ll see about putting some articles together!

This website is nothing without our readers, so we encourage all of you to spread the word and let your friends know about us. There’s so much here it caters for most fantasy fans – from gamers to readers! And it’s all free, so what more can you ask for? There is? Well then, ask away!

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