Spotlight - Fandor

Article by Keith Robinson
Posted June 1 2013 in Zinedoms Vol 5

FandorFor a while, Fandor was the mightiest of the Aslah and the new master of Damarkan, having conquered the powerful Amman Empire and killed Hakkan, the Lord of Herophet, and driven out his evil minions and servants. During this period, Arrasia flourished, Karnish was at the peak of its power, and the world at its most peaceful since the first coming of Kavak. The rise of Zykerathox, however, saw the balance of power change and Fandor’s preeminence decline.

Fandor, along with his sister Omuz, were the children of the hideous and despicable Aslah, Gygafrak, and a human mother called Hirish, who hid and protected the children. Although she did not know it, Fandor and Omuz were themselves Aslah and in Fandor the line of Onnus was renewed, as Gygafrak was himself the son of Onnus and Angoras, who was conceived through the lies and deceit of Voln. With the blood of Onnus flowing through him, Fandor soon found himself capable of great power, which set him apart from the other children with whom he played as he grew, until Hirish revealed to both he and Omuz who their father had been.

After a long and harsh enslavement of the South by Amman, an evil empire whose influence touched nearly every known country of Arrasia, most of which had been consumed under their banner, the South rebelled against the tyranny and uprisings broke out throughout the lands of the South. It was during this time that Fandor began his rise to power. As news of his successes spread, people flocked to him and soon a great army emerged. Mynax also rose to power during this period and between them the two armies overthrew the rule of Amman and soon had combined into a single, unstoppable force. With much of the South free, many new and old nations rose, amongst which was Karnish, who were the most fervent of the followers of Fandor, and it was under their banner that Fandor and Mynax travelled across the waters to take the war to Amman on their own soil.

During this period, as the Amman empire rapidly declined, Karnish began its rise to preeminence. Argan I was declared the first King of Karnish and he immediately gave fealty to Fandor and declared the nation of Karnish free. Fandor continued his war against Amman, which concluded with the Great Battle of Amman, where the armies of Hakkan and Amman and those of Fandor and Karnish met in a battle that lasted for eighteen days and which saw the very earth ravished. During this struggle, Aslah stood against Aslah, and good against bad, until Hakkan was finally defeated and killed by Fandor, who by doing so himself became the most powerful of the Aslah. After the defeat of Hakkan, Fandor took his seat in Damarkan in a land called Thoran.

With evil swept aside and Fandor now the most powerful Aslah, Arrasia fell into a period of peace and prosperity. Under the guidance and leadership of Karnish, trade routes began to spring up throughout the world and fledgling nations grew. Many, of course, were lost to war, but the strongest secured their lands and their culture and life in Arrasia was as good as anyone could remember. Throughout this period, Karnish remained the most powerful of the nations and Fandor the mightiest of the Aslah.

Throughout this long peace, evil seemed banished to the darkest corners, and many forgot the evil ways of the past. Slowly, in the darkness, however, old forces slowly reemerged, Hith made a new empire for himself and made war on Karnish, and plots and schemes were hatched. The fruit of this labor was born when Gygafrak declared his hand for the Throne of Herophet, setting off what appeared to be a three way battle for the throne, with Tettungba and Hith also throwing in their hand. Unbeknown to all of them, Zykerathox, the greatest schemer of all, betrayed them and took the throne as his own. With a new Lord of Herophet, Fandor’s own power was not what it once was, for he had grown lazy and complacent over the years, and Zykerathox made war on Karnish and called upon the ancient evil of Amman to rise once again and fight with him.

Much of Karnish was soon falling to the armies of Zykerathox and it was only the intervention of Hith, who had quickly regrouped after his initial defeat, which saw the armies of Zykerathox forced to turn aside to fight the new threat. The land consumed by Zykerathox was renamed The Fallen Lands and is now ravaged by war and plague. Zykerathox’s army is embroiled in a war with Hith, whose orc armies pour over the Great Barrier Mountains. This reprisal has seen Karnish rebuild its fortification and call together its army from all the corners of its Empire. What remains uncertain, however, is how Fandor will respond to the rise of a new Lord of Herophet. Many claim he has grown fat and indecisive over the long years of peace, but others say he is biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike at the heart of his enemies.

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