Zinedoms (Issue 5) – Available Now!

Article by Keith Robinson
Posted June 1 2013 in Zinedoms Vol 5

Our 5th Issue is now out and ready for your inspection!

After bringing you our Herophet edition (back in Issue 3) we thought it was only fair to keep the balance of evil and good in correct proportions, so this month is all about Damarkan, the better half, as it were. Where Herophet is all about evil and darkness, so Damarkan is all about good and light. Damarkan was the first of the lands walked by the Aslah and was teeming with fantastic life, which they helped and manipulated with their power to create even great life, including the elves, gnomes and halflings. It was in Damarkan that Gort first built Herophet, before it was sundered, and to where the entire history of the universe can be traced.

In this month’s issue we bring you a fantastic article exploring the beginnings of time and how Damarkan and the first Aslah came to be and how they set about shaping Damarkan. It also explains how Herophet came to be and what caused Damarkan to be split in two. Our second article looks at the greatest power of Damarkan, Fandor, who defeated Hakkan and brought about the end of his evil reign and that of the Amman empire on Arrasia. Fandor can trace his lineage right back to that of Onnus, whose lover, Desdemar, was murdered by Gort. We also point you in the direction of our exploration of the cosmos, where all the dimensions are explained!

This issue also brings together all the articles released this month on Blackfen, our city based on the Boroder, Fallen Lands border. The city is now really beginning to come together and this month we looked at several keys aspects, with guilds, the military, politics, and its people all coming under scrutiny. This forthcoming month our articles continue and you can look forward to seeing the first of the keyed areas of the city!

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