Six Issues Already!

Article by Keith Robinson
Posted August 1 2013 in Zinedoms Vol 6

Wow, here we are on our sixth issue of the zinedoms already, which means the last six or so months have flown by!

It’s been an interesting time here at The Kyngdoms. After the relaunch back in February, we have been working hard to bring you a constant stream of information to help build on the existing material and enhance your enjoyment of it. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, but we’re generally pleased we’ve how things have been going and are already looking forward to the next six months.

As well as the website itself, we have been bringing you a weekly stream of articles in our Blackfen series. The city of Blackfen is already well fleshed out, and last month represented the last of the general information about the city and the beginning of detailing the keyed areas within the city itself. The first of these was a look at the Holy Abbey of Fandor, but this will now continue as we bring you a lot more key areas – over seventy in fact! This will include gang hideouts, shops, key and interesting individuals, churches, shops, taverns, plus a whole lot more. There really is a lot to look forward to and by the time we’ve finished, Blackfen will be one of the best city resources available on the net – or anywhere for that matter!

The zinedoms has been adding detail to The Kyngdoms setting and pointing out parts of the site you may have missed, as well as exploring and explaining the different parts of the world and cosmos. There’s been a look at Blackfen, of course, plus detailed looks into Herophet and Damarkan, and an introduction to the Longstaff Wizards (and, yes, there is a Longstaff Wizard outpost in Blackfen that we’ll be bringing you sometime soon…), and this month is the first in three issues dedicated to the most important nation on Arrasia – Karnish! Future issue will continue to add to and build upon the setting, as well as exploring it, but we’re also hoping to bring you some short stories too, as well as some more urban centers to explore.

And remember, we’re always on the lookout for new articles and stories. We can't pay you for your contributions - this is a free site, a place for people to share, so we don't have the finances to pay (sadly!). What we offer is a chance to get your ideas, articles and stories published online and place them in front of an audience. If you're interested, just get your ideas down and send them over to us at If you have something we want to put on the site, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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