The Bad Lands

The Bad Lands


The frontier settlements that have established themselves along the coast of the Gulf of Many Tears are dangerous and violent places, where life is short and hard. Each settlement is completely independent from the others and the political structure for each varies. Some are run by the iron hand of law and order, while others have a chaotic structure, where crime and corruption are often high.

The lands surrounding the settlements are full of humanoids and other creatures who make regular raids, especially the arctic goblins, who stream down from The White Mountains and cause havoc, often wiping out complete villages in their frenzy, and the savage creatures that dwell in Northwood Forest. Conflict and rivalry between the settlements themselves is also common and bloodshed a way of life.

Those that live in The Badlands are highly reliant on imported food and other essential goods to survive the hard winters, when communities often become isolated and vulnerable. The criminal element is high, with corruption, bribery and bloody rivalry common amongst many of the settlements. Some have avoided falling into this way of life and loose alliances between these have helped secure their survival in times of conflict.

Significant Trade Export

Gold: One of the primary reasons why people endure the hardship of living so far north is the gold that is washed down from The White Mountains and deposited along river banks the coastline. Mining the gold is not an easy task, with prospectors under threat from the humanoids that live in these lands, plus the criminals who prefer to take the gold that others have mined. However, gold is the most significant export and the reason why so many people set up their homes here.

Iron Ore: Mining iron in The Badlands is an extremely dangerous task, with the mines often attacked by humanoids and other creatures. Also, many of the mines become unworkable during the winter, when the lands are covered in ice and snow. However, there is a lucrative enough trade for the ore that is mined.

Ivory: Walrus' are common along the rugged coastlines of The Badlands and are hunted for their ivory tusks. The trade is lucrative and there is a lot of competition between the suppliers, meaning that conflict is common and that the ivory trade can be a dangerous one. The ivory is usually shipped to Norvsond, from where it makes its way to the different corners of Arrasia, though Karnish merchant vessels are not unknown in these waters.

Pelts and Furs: All manner of animals are hunted for their pelts and furs - wolves, bears and deer to name but a few - which are then shipped on to Norvsond for further transportation.

Brief History

The shores of The Badlands were first populated during the great exodus of Norvsond during the reign of King Ould. The local denizens, however, mostly wiped out these early settlements. Later, Norvsond used this territory to send its worst criminals and several penal colonies sprang up.

The promise of freedom and wealth has continued to draw people to the harsh environment of The Badlands, even though life is hard and can be short. Many criminals, escaping the law of their own land, wind up here, where they can mix freely in society once again.

As well as the perpetual struggle to survive against the indigenous hordes, conflict between the settlements is sporadic as rivalries spill over, with greed or territorial arguments amongst the prime reasons. The more lawful communities are prepared to work together in loose alliances in times of need, while others are more isolated.

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