The natural defenses of Bayfork have afforded it much protection throughout its history. With The Golden Peaks protecting much of the nation and The Green Forest the rest, the small halfling nation plays little role in the wider events affecting the world and has very little desire to do so. It is a sleepy backwater, where the halflings are happy to go about their lives with as little contact with outsiders as possible. The one time in their history they did find themselves embroiled in wider events was when they were occupied by Amman. Although this has little bearing on events elsewhere, the humans from Amman stationed themselves in Baridge, where they built buildings for their own size and which are still occupied by humans - some descended directly from those original occupiers.

The halflings have excellent relations with the dwarves of The Golden Peaks and the elves of The Green Forest and are happy to trade with both. Although primarily agrarian, gold and silver is mined in Summiton. Halflings have very little time for the pleasures of such precious metal, but are aware of its value to humans and are happy to sell it to them.

Bayfork is made up of a loose collection of communities, each of which has a mayor who oversees the administration and decision making process of the area they are in charge of. A president is elected from amongst the mayors to act as figurehead for all of Bayfork, though has little real power as national decisions are usually a majority vote between the elected mayors.

Significant Trade Export

Gold and Silver: These precious metals are mined in Summiton, from where they are shipped out and sold almost exclusively to human traders.

Grain and Foodstuffs: Bayfork is almost entirely agrarian and produce much more food than they consume. This surplus is sold to the bordering nations, as well as the dwarves of The Golden Peaks.

Brief History

The natural defenses of Bayfork have offered it much protection throughout its history. The sheer rock faces of The Golden Peaks have stopped even the hardiest armies coming from the east and the elves of The Green Forest have defended the more vulnerable southern border. As such, Bayfork often seems timeless, a place where current trends and powerful cultures bypass almost entirely and the halfling culture of strong family ties and close communities has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

During the age of Amman dominance in Arrasia, Bayfork was occupied by a small contingent of Amman soldiers, but there was little here of any value or worth and the small halfling communities carried on much as they always had, except for higher tithes levied by their occupiers. The small community of Baridge was extended during this time to accommodate humans, and nearly all humans who still live in Bayfork can be found in Baridge. Even the Tower of Hakkan built during that time remains intact, though is now used as a warehouse for grain and other foodstuffs used to trade with their neighbors.

The Major Towns and Cities

Baridge: (pop: 5,000) Baridge is the most significant halfling city anywhere in Arrasia and is certainly the busiest and dirtiest also. Although home to many halflings, it is also where nearly all the humans of Bayfork live as well as home to both gnomes and dwarves. Although by halfling standards Baridge is a city that never sleeps, by the standards of nearly anywhere else it remains a sleepy, uneventful place. Most of the halflings live amongst the rolling hills, but the center is much more built up and is where the human, stone dwellings can be found. A Tower of Hakkan - now used as a warehouse - still dominates the skyline.

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