Farashar (North Urgolia)

Farashar (North Urgolia)


Otherwise known as North Urgolia, Farashar is a mixture of nomadic tribes and permanent settlements along the banks of The Syramassa River and the Sarazoa Sea. The people of Farashar have been quick to embrace the Syrámesse traders who have made the treacherou route down The Syramassa River and Delamar has grown quickly and is now the largest of any of the Urgolian settlements. The lands are filled with humanoid tribes who make constant war against the people.

Inland, nomads wander the plains. Some of these nomadic tribes have followed their ancestral trails for hundreds, even thousands, of years, while others, dispersed firstly by the Amman invasions and, later, by the Urgolian tribes, follow more modern trails. Occasionally, the routes of the new and old cross and conflict can occur, though the main threat against them comes from the large numbers of humanoids that inhabit these lands and make constant war against everyone, including amongst themselves.

Farashar, however, is far more settled than any of the other eastern nations, with small settlements dotted along banks of The Syramassa River and the Sarazoa Sea. With Syrámesse merchants making their way down the long river, the people trade their goods for those brought by the traders and some individuals have become wealthy through this intercourse. Delamar, situated as it is on The Syramassa River but also close to the Sarazoa Sea, has seen an explosion in its population since these new markets have opened up, having already become the largest of the settlements anywhere in the east.

Like all the other regions of the Urgolian empire, the people are expected to pay homage to the Great Nuhata through taxation and filling the ranks of the Urgolian warriors with their children. It is considered a great honor for those selected, though many hide their children to avoid the possibility of their being taken. Farashar, like Urgolia, is home to amongst the greatest horses to be found anywhere in Arrasia and the people are great horse trainers and riders. It is from here that attacks are made against Fenoria, though these attacks are often distracted by aggressive humanoid activity within their own borders.

Significant Trade Export

Freshwater Pearls: The freshwater pearls of the Sarazoa Sea are as fine as any found anywhere in Arrasia and the Farasian merchants have grown fat on the profits they have made from selling them.

Horses: Although a lucrative market, the export of horses along the Syramassa River has proved difficult and few survive the long journey to Syraámä. However, such is the pedigree of the horses that they command exceptionally high prices, becoming the horses of the Kings, Queens and the extremely wealthy.

Precious Stones: Banded agate, blue and clear quartz, jacinth, rhodochrosite, tourmaline and zircon are all found in plentiful supply in Farashar.

Silk: Amongst the finest silk found anywhere in Arrasia it is exported along the Syramassa River, where it finds its way to the rest of the world. Farasian Silk is highly sought after and commands high prices.

Brief History

See Urgolia for a brief history of Farashar.

The Major Towns and Cities

Delamar: (pop: 4,000) Situated on the shores on the Sarazoa Sea and located near the mouth of The Syramassa River, Delamar has found itself in recent times prospering from the hardy and intrepid Syrámesse entrepreneurs who have opened up trade between the east and west. Nonetheless, much of Delamar is made of rude huts and tents, with bazaars apparently occurring at random and in the most unexpected of places. Some large stone buildings are dotted around and are easily spotted, dominating the landscape around them. These are usually either administrative buildings or owned by the rich and powerful. However, mostly even those with substantial wealth prefer the grandeur of large, multi-partitioned tents.

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