This small eastern province of Karnish is, along with Borodor, known as the gardens of Karnish. It is also the least densely populated area in the Karnish empire and, until recent years, regarded as one of the safest. Almost entirely agricultural, the province is dotted with small farming communities, with Adberry the only urban center of note.

Fenn once claimed to be amongst the most peaceful spots in Arrasia, without any obvious threats, but the reduction of Karnish forces in their neighbouring provinces and the rise in barbarian activity means that this is no longer the case. Rarely, humanoid raids make the long trek from the Anhorn Peaks, though they are usually content to remain in Ormex and inflict their terror there, and occasionally enemies from The Malvus Peaks will journey this far north. By and large, however, it is not the threat of humanoid activity that is the cause of much unease in Fenn, but rather the growing incursions of the barbarians of Yarasal J'naria whose daring and audacity have seen pass deep into Fenn territory. Coming so deep inside the borders of the Karnish empire has caused much consternation among the people of Fenn, who are largely undefended and exposed. This has caused resentment amongst the common folk, as well as the ruling elite.

Almost entirely agricultural, the food production of Fenn supplies a substantial part of grain and other basic foodstuffs needed to feed Karnish. With small farming communities spread all over the fertile plains of Fenn, Adberry acts as the conduit through which the produce is shifted, primarily being sent up the Annasë River to Yarathwaite, where it is shipped to all the corners of Karnish.

Adberry is a bustling market city and is the administrative center of Fenn. It is where the food merchants of Karnish gather to haggle over the price of produce and where a large number of farmers will bring their livestock and surplus to sell at one of the many markets.

Significant Trade Export

Grain: Fenn produces a large quantity of grain and other foodstuffs that are exported to all corners of Karnish. Along with Borodor, Fenn is often regarded as the garden of Karnish.

Brief History

See Borodor for a brief history of Fenn.

The Major Towns and Cities

Adberry: (pop: 4,500) A small market town, little passes through Fenn that doesn't make its way here. It is home to amongst the most powerful people in the province and the trade in both livestock and grain is, for some, highly profitable. The town is one of the more attractive in Karnish, being grassy and open and free of the filth and stench of many Karnish urban centers, even within the poorer districts.

Important Personages

Edrus Thwain: Exceptionally old - some say even more than 100 years - the Royal Overlord of Fenn has overseen this province for over seventy years. A distant relative of King Borim, the one and only king of Fenn, his health is now ailing and his two sons, Farin and Shawlder, now await to see which of them will be chosen by the King to continue as Royal Overlord.

Farin Thwain: The elder of the two brothers and sons of Edrus Thwain, the present Royal Overlord of Fenn, he is fully expectant of being offered the post of Royal Overlord himself, upon his father's demise. However, he is not as highly regarded as his younger brother, Shawlder, who he despises and mistrusts. Farin is seen as arrogant and aloof, as well as being a daydreamer without either political nous or common sense.

Shawlder Thwain: The opposite of his elder brother, Farin, Shawlder is highly regarded within the highest echelons of Karnish - including the King himself - and speculation is rife that his elder brother will be overlooked and the post of Royal Overlord offered to Shawlder instead. He is a clear thinker, a man of determination and decisive action. During his spell in the army, spent in Badathur on the frontline against Zykerathox, he was considered an exceptional leader of men with great prospects and there was much regret when he returned home to his ailing father. He is also regarded as fair and just and is well liked throughout Fenn.

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