Hardale is a largely unpopulated stretch of land that was once part of Elminn. With large numbers of orcs, goblins and other humanoids living there, especially in the Cirrik Peaks and Elminn Downs, it is a hard existence. Most of the settlements that have grown up are small coastal villages that rely heavily on the sea for their livelihood.

The Cirrik Peaks is home to a large number of humanoids, but also represents a vital source of income through the iron ore that is mined there by the dwarven communities. The dwarves also mine the copper ore and silver deposits found in the Elminn Downs. All of these goods, along with a large number of pelts, make their way to the capital, Hargond, and then into the bordering nations, though primarily Norvsond.

Hargond is the only town of note and home to the monarchy and political administration of Hardale. It is also the only port that is capable of docking the larger merchant vessels required to transport their trade goods. Hargond is where the wealthy and powerful have made their homes amid the hardship of the lands in which they live.

Significant Trade Export

Copper Ore: Copper ore is sold throughout the communities around the Argen and Norv Seas. As well as being used to produce cheap coins, it is still used in some areas to make bronze weapons and armor, as it is inexpensive and malleable.

Furs and Pelts: Pelts are the most common trade source for Hardale. These are traded as both raw skins, as well as in the form of clothes, armor and material.

Iron Ore: The Cirrik Peaks have produced a good supply of iron ore that is shipped to the communities around the Argen and Norv Seas, where mining is often too dangerous to undertake for themselves. The iron is used to make essential steel goods for those communities.

Silver: Hardale's most valuable resource, the silver is traded to all their neighbors, but primarily to Norvsond, whose trade routes extend to all corners of Arrasia.

Brief History

Loosely populated by the peoples of Elminn, these lands have always been populated with humanoids, especially orcs and goblins, who primarily make their homes in the Cirrik Peaks and Elminn Downs. For a long period, the Elminn military kept these evil forces at bay, until Urup Long Arm, an orc of immense influence and charisma, united the warring orc tribes and raised a large army that swept through the northern plains of Elminn.

Elminn, embroiled in their war with Angor, had little with which to defend their lands and the orcs swept all before them. Eventually, for fear of seeing this black army pass the Elminn Downs and into the heartland of Elminn, an army was mustered and defeated the orcs in the Battle of Laketown. However, with Urup Long Arm maintaining the unity of the orc clans, Elminn defended their borders at the Elminn Downs and returned the majority of their troops to their war with Angor.

The lands remained primarily wild and sparsely populated until Lord Kender was forced to retreat into Hardale after failing in his bid to claim the throne of Elminn. He and his loyal followers fled deep into Hardale, to avoid capture, and there founded Hargond. Lord Kender declared himself King of all Hardale and successfully repelled the humanoid attacks, even driving against the now disunited orcish clans and forcing them to retreat.

The dwarves of the Cirrik Peaks and Elminn Downs, who had long and successfully withheld the humanoid attacks, established contact with the new people of Hardale and trade was soon flourishing and new communities started springing up along the coast.

An official peace between Hardale and Elminn was agreed after Elminn found itself embroiled in war on three fronts, against Angor, Norvsond and Hardale, which threatened to destroy it. As part of the peace treaty imposed upon Elminn by their victors, the northern lands of Hardale were officially recognized. Hargond grew and merchant vessels were soon making their way to Norvsond and the communities along The Badlands and The Savage Coast, with the wealth seeing Hargond grow into an important port.

Despite the repopulation of Hardale and the establishment of a semblance of rule and order, humanoids remain in large numbers and the lands themselves are still largely void of a civilized presence. The communities are primarily located next to the coastline and attacks against them are common. Hargond itself is largely ignored, being too heavily defended.

The Major Towns and Cities

Hargond: (pop: 3,500) The only significant urban area in Hardale, Hargond is essential to the well-being of the nation, as goods both into and out of Hardale will in all likelihood pass through its port. The town itself is made up primarily of wooden longhouses, though stones ones are becoming increasingly common, with thatched roofs, set in small plots of land, making the town seem open and larger than it really is. The folk are hardy, but are always pleased to speak with strangers for news of far away lands and to trade for anything exotic.

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