Hatham has become an important waypoint on the trading route to Zaramal, as it the last stopping point before merchant vessels are forced to travel the Addosia Ocean. Representing the tip of the Falagrim Peninsula, the Cape of Little Hope is a fearsome journey that has brought about the end of many a merchant vessel. As such, Wyworth, the capital, and Malton have become significant communities where sailors rest up before they attempt the cape or after having navigated their way around it.

Hatham itself is a peaceful, agricultural country where the people live modestly and in relative safety, their rugged coastline and isolated geographic location a natural barrier to any potential enemies. The arrival of the Karnish merchant vessels has seen the Karnish way of life spread throughout Hatham, with the Karnish language and culture now found throughout the country, vying with the Eppen culture and language that remains popular amongst the common folk. Elves and gnomes mix easily with the humans and are common sights in the towns and villages.

The rugged coastline is also home to pirates who terrorize the Falagrim Straights, especially the trading vessels heading to and from the League of Ordwyn. Under pressure from both Karnish and Ordwyn to deal with these unwanted inhabitants of their country, they have found little success with their isolated hideouts and intimidation of the local peoples meaning that they generally evade capture with ease.

Significant Trade Export

Precious Stones: Amber, coral, moonstones, pearls, sapphires, topaz and zircon are all found in Hatham as alluvial deposits and are traded with Karnish, bringing in essential wealth and making Hatham a profitable waypoint.

Brief History

The people of Hatham have always been peaceful folk, tending the fields and mostly living free of any threat. With the elven forest of Gal Eduth protecting their only land border and the dramatic cliffs and crashing waves of their coastline acting as a barrier to all but the most able or determined, Hatham has had very little to fear.

During the Amman invasions of the Falagrim Peninsula, Hatham fell easily and quickly, and was soon occupied. Unlike much of the rest of the Falagrim Peninsula, the Amman felt comfortable in Hatham and it was here that they set up their headquarters and where the most powerful amongst them stayed.

The devastating defeat of the Amman forces in The Battle of Jala saw the armies of Gal Eduth and Eppen move against the large numbers of Amman troops still occupying Hatham. However, it was not until the landing of a large contingent of Karnish troops that Hatham was finally cleared of the remaining Amman troops and sympathizers.

The Major Towns and Cities

Wyworth: (pop: 5,500) The first buildings went up during the Amman occupation, who found Hatham much more to their liking than anywhere else on the Falagrim Peninsula. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent white cliffs that rise up to the north and south of the city, Wyworth is an important waypoint in the trade routes to and from Zaramal. The port city, which sits against a large, deep water bay which gives excellent protection from the ravages of The Falagrim Straights, is a welcome sight for sailors who have made the journey around the Cape of Little Hope and the inns can become quite lively when a ship anchors in the bay. A green, leafy city, Wyworth is home to a large number of elves and half-elves.

Malton: (pop: 3,000) Situated in the northern shores of the Cape of Little Hope, Malton has grown into an important stopping point along the trade route to and from Zaramal and the gold mined there. It is not too dissimilar to Wyworth: green and leafy with symmetrical, linear streets and pleasant, primarily wooden, buildings set against the backdrop of rugged cliffs that it is nestled between. However, the port area tends be a lot more boisterous than Wyworth, with drunken sailors and locals alike enjoying the local ale and cider.

Important Personages

The Black Wraith: The Black Wraith is the most feared pirate of the Falagrim Straights, whose colors send a shiver down the spine of those that see them. His mastery of the seas knows no equal and very few of those that have crossed his path have lived to tell the tale. Legends of The Black Wraith's treasure are well known, for he is said to have buried it upon a number of islands scattered throughout The Falagrim Straights. He is also well known for his cold bloodedness and the ruthless, murderous streak that runs through his veins.

Darna "Lady" Crawbak: Once a member of the Karnish aristocracy, Darna "Lady" Crawbak now sails the Falagrim Straights as a pirate of high renown, making daring raids against the merchant vessels that pass through the straights. She is a fearless woman who is well known for her spite and enjoyment of cruelty. She is also said to be one of the finest swordsmen on the high seas.

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