The Confederation of U'Thol

Confederation of U'Thol


The Confederation of U'Thol is a hotbed of warring nomadic tribes and humanoids, where the small encampments now find themselves under siege from the forces of Zykerathox, who swarm through this land. Many have been destroyed and their inhabitents killed, while others remain besieged and even though Karnish and The Northern Territories send assistance when they can, most of the people hold out little hope. The Black Undeath of Zykerathox has also swept through the land, ravaging towns and tribes alike, without predjudice, and many places are now awash with the walking dead and the foul stench of plague.

Despite this, the permanent settlements, who have struggled for so long and hard to establish themselves in what has always been a harsh environment, refuse to give up and through the alliances created by the Confederation and the outside assistance of The Northern Territories and, in particular, Karnish, they continue their struggle. The combined forces have even managed some successes against the ragtag armies of Zykerathox that opperate here. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do to fight the plague, and it is this which has done the most damage. Those settlements not well protected when Zykerathox first launched his armies in this region were soon overrun and many are now terrible places, haunted by the walking dead.

The lands of the Confederation of U'Thol have always been home to large numbers of barbarian tribes and humanoids, especially orcs and goblins. many of these are now under the direct control of Zykerathox and are marched east to fight against Karnish or south to fight against Hith. Others push north to pass through HuriGhol and fight the armies of The Northern territories, while others remain here to continue the struggle against the remaining settlements.

Brief History

Until the emergence of permanent settlements along the coastline, these lands were uncivilized and wild, filled with humanoids and barbarian tribes. Periodically, settlements would appear, only to be soon overwhelmed by the wild forces have dwelt in these lands even to this day. Fang U'Thol, a great warrior of barbaric traditions, was essential in the success of the first major settlement - Gadenk - to survive, when his forces, though outnumbered, held off numerous raids, allowing Gadenk to grow, prosper and build effective defenses. He also fought several major campaigns to lessen the threats immediately around other emerging settlements.

It was U'Thol who formed the loose confederation by which this state is now known and it was his political astuteness that was pivotal in helping the settlements defends themselves against the wild hordes. U'Thol himself was killed in The Battle of Tochen, which saw a large orc alliance totally defeated, but at the cost of the greatest leader amongst them. However, since no one leader rules the confederation, his loss was not as catastrophic as it might have been and the confederation was his lasting legacy.

The loose alliance of the confederation also helped the settlements defend themselves against the waves of goblins, orcs and wildmen sent into their land after the rise of Zykerathox. Although many small settlements were almost entirely destroyed, the larger, better defended ones were able top work togther to hold off many of the attacks, and were even able to make effective counter strikes. It was the coming of the Black Undeath which was the most destructive force they encountered and which has decimated so many of the communities.

The Major Towns and Cities

Gadenk: (pop: 4,500) Heavily fortified, with an extensive wooden palisade built atop a man-made hillock, intersected by towers, and surrounded by a ditch, Gadenk was well placed to defend themselves against the forces of Zykerathox when they first rode into U'Thol. The buildings are mostly stone affairs, though often lacking doors and windows and with small plots of land, where the people run their businesses. The roads are little more than rutted muddy tracks that become difficult to use during the rainy season. The population has nearly doubled since the lands were ravaged and the people rely heavily on the assistance supplied by the ships of Karnish. Disease and filth are also rife from the sudden population explosion, which has supplied ripe conditions for the Black Undeath. Doors of the victims are marked with black 'X's and the smoke from the pyre's of the dead rise above the town. Nearly everyone here is part of the militia, for their lives depend on their ability to defend themselves, with many defending the walls and others policing the streets, moving the bodies of plague victims to be burnt before they rise from the dead, or hunting them down when they do.

Ahnk: (pop: 3,500) Situated on the top of a steep hill, which gives Ahnk excellent natural defense against the marauding hordes of U'Thol and Zykerathox, this small town of stone and wooden buildings exists in a constant state of readiness for the next attack. To augment the natural defense that their lofty position gives them, a thick wooden palisade surrounds the entire town, with towers well placed to allow archers to pick off their enemy. With the defense of the town paramount, all able-bodied citizens are part of the local militia to defend the walls and help fight the Black Undeath which has swept through many quarters of the town, whose population has almost doubled as many refugees from the surrounding countryside fled from the hordes to the relative safety of Ahnk. The town itself, which undulates with the hills on which it is situated, has muddy roads that connect the buildings. A large market-green in the center of Ahnk remains an important trading area for the Karnish ships who bring much needed relief.

Quild: (pop: 2,000) A stone wall was in the process of being built when the marauding forces of Zykerathox invaded the lands of U'thol, so Quild finds itself with at least half the city defended by a solid stone wall, with the rest protected by the old wooden pallisade that has protected them for so long. Although far from ideal, it has allowed them to concentrate their defenses on the weaker wooden pallisade, where the majority of attacks occur. Stone towers were also already in place and a large ditch, which runs the entire length of the wall, plus sharp pickets set to stop the charging marauders, has enabled Quild to survive the constant attacks against it. The buildings are mostly wooden, with only the wealthy able to afford stone, and the streets are dense, narrow and filthy, especially so after the surge of population as people rushed to Quild away from the forces of Zykerathox. The Black Undeath is rife in Quild and the militia, which is made up of all able bodied men and women, are hard pushed to keep the dead from rising. Large pyres burn constantly and the stench and smoke sit over the roofs and streets. With good connections to the besieged city of Northport, the Karnish navy are able to ship in much needed supplied and assitance.

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