West Hithanon

West Hithanon


This great expanse of highly fertile land remains largely unoccupied. It is here that the food required to feed Hith's armies is grown and the livestock reared. Although this is populated primarily with humans, with large number of slaves brought from Jerad and Nizhst and forced into manual labor, humanoids are almost as fequent and racial tensions are very common. To the north, the lands are infested with large numbers of orcs and goblins, bred and trained orginally for the war with Karnish, but now with their new foe, Zykerathox. It is all the same to the warriors, whoever the enemy is. War is war and death is death.

West Hithanon is essential to the Hith war effort, supplying both the foodstuffs which keeps his armies going and large numbers of orc and goblin warriors to fight the enemy. Much of the south of the country is unpopulated and wild, while the north is crawling with humanoid activity, especially orcs and goblins, but also large numbers of ogres, trolls, giants and dragons.

The center of the country is prime farming land and slaves brought from Jerad and Nizhst are transported here into slave labor, where they farm the land and build the implements of war. Most live miserable and short lives, for their masters care nothing of them, and mutinies can occasionally flare up, which are dealt with brutally, though tales of those that have survived the harsh journey back to their homeland bring hope to the hearts of the enslaved.

The dark and sinister tower of Gad-Gorick represents the voice of Hith in West Hithanon. Here, amongst his most powerful minions dwell and through them is the will of Hith executed. A large, ramshackle town has emerged around the tower and has become the center of slavery within Hith's growing empire. From here, slaves from Nizhst and Jerad are transported throughout Hithanon. Many end their days under the brooding tower itself, forging weapons and armor for the goblins and orcs who will end up on the frontline.

Brief History

See The Land of Hith for the brief history of West Hithanon.

The Major Towns and Cities

Gard-Gorick: (pop: unknown) A bleak tower, around which a large community has grown, represents the will of Hith in West Hithanon and is filled with his powerful minions. The ramshackle community that has emerged around it is a violent, chaotic affair. It is here that slaves are brought and distributed around the land. It is also highly industrialized, where the necessary implements of war are constructed and then shipped to all the corners of Hith's empire. A heavy, dense smoke hovers above the grimy, smelly town and the ringing of metal, as sword and axe are forged in large numbers by the slaves of Hith, can be heard both night and day.

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