Zinedoms (Issue 2, March 2013)

Blackfen - an Overview

Blackfen is a small city of around 9000 souls located in Badathur right on the border with The Fallen Lands . in fact, technically it is actually located inside of The Fallen Lands as it is on the eastern shores of Black Lake, into which flows the Othos River, and where it exits as the River Kirn as it makes it journey to Southport and eventually into The Great Sea. In the greater scheme of things, Blackfen has been of little consequence on the world stage, but now finds itself playing a crucial role in the war between Karnish and Zykerathox.

The natural geographical features around Blackfen have made it naturally well-defended and although orcs and goblins make regular raids, only rarely have they threatened to make it as far as the city itself. Being based right at the eastern tip of The Silver Hills, surrounded by swamps and bogs, as well as being built against the shores of Black Lake, Blackfen has survived the tide of Zykerathox and now sits in a prime location to both defend the border and launch attacks against the enemy.

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Spotlight: Badathur

Once, well away from the war with Hith and largely protected from the constant attacks that came out of The Great Barrier Mountains, Badathur prospered under the banner of Karnish. The rise of Zykerathox as the new Lord of Herophet changed all that. [read more...]
Spotlight: Black Undeath

The Black Undeath of Zykerathox is a deadly plague. Flesh blackens and rots, causing a terrible stench, while the face contorts. Upon death, this disease has one more surprise in store. [read more...]
Zinedoms - Issue 2

We've squeezed a whole city into this month's issue of Zinedoms - Blackfen, located on the border of Badathur and The Fallen Lands. [read more...]
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Blackfen City Map

Every city needs a map - and here is one of Blackfen. It will have keyed areas added to it as the weeks progress with new people and places, so check back regularly! [read more...]
The City of Blackfen

Blackfen is located on the shores of Black Lake, on the border with The Fallen Lands. It is a significant center along the Karnish-Zykerathox front, as well as as an important stopping point of traffic to and from the beleagured city of Ghendenbur. [read more...]
Blackfen - A History

Blackfen emerged as a staging post for troops during the latter stages of the war between Badathur and Karnish during the Third War of Ascendancy, from where they were ferried across Black Lake straight into the front line.
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Blackfen - Themes (Part 1)

As with any urban center, certain news and people dominate the political and social landscape of Blackfen, constantly fed by the opinions and gossiping of the city's folk. [read more...]
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