Zinedoms (Issue 3, April 2013)


Herophet is a fiery wasteland, filled with rivers of magma and blistering, cracked mountains out of which lava falls as molten waterfalls. The land is almost entirely barren - a blackened, charred and cracked landscape where geysers spout hot gasses or volcanic debris, sometimes hundreds of meters into the sky. Pellets of sticky fire fall from the skies instead of rain and the sky itself is filled with combustible gases that burn and explode.

Despite this, many things live amongst this terrible landscape. Mostly these are creatures straight out of the dungeons of Herophet, including the many devils that make up the majority of the population. Devils are obscene and vile creatures, filled with all the evil their maker poured into them. They are the corrupted souls of once living creatures, many of whom were captured, enslaved and eventually condemned into servitude. Others have joined the ranks willingly as servants of evil whose greed and desire for power were purchased at a high price. [read more...]
The Hells of Herophet

Herophet is divided into two core dimensions - Herophet itself, where the devils live, and Pakara, home of demons. From these two branch many more dimensions, and the dungeons of Herophet Citadel themselves make for many, many more! [read more...]
Spotlight: Zykerathox

Unseen by the other protagonists who challeneged for the throne of Herophet, Zykerathox - the then Steward of Herophet - saw the opportunity to take the throne himself. [read more...]
Zinedoms - Issue 3

After something wicked for the weekend? This month's issue is just bursting with devilish insights and vile news - enough to make your head spin! [read more...]
Tell us what you think...

With the third issue of the Zinedoms already rolled out and three months since the relaunch of The Kyngdoms, we'd like to hear what you think so far. [read more...]
Blackfen Geography Map

Explore the lands around Blackfen with this map of all the local geography, including swamps, bogs, interesting places and other communities. [read more...]
Blackfen - Themes (Parts 2 & 3)

No city would be complete without the chattering classes and Blackfen is no different. From politics to religion, the Black Undeath of Zykerathox and the war, to the weather and Black Lake, there's always plenty to keep the people occupied and tongues wagging.

If you're curious to know what's hot and what's not in Blackfen, make sure you check out the final two parts in this series, collected into one article! [read more...]
Gangs of Blackfen (Part 1)

The first in a three part series exploring the three criminal gangs who dominate the underworld of Blackfen. Read about the Black Bears, a ruthless gang operating in North Blackfen. [read more...]
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