Zinedoms (Issue 5, June 2013)

In the Beginning there was Damarkan

"In the beginning there was Hoth, the Great Void without time or age, and all was dark, for there was nothing to bring light to the dark and Hoth was saddened."

So it is told in the first chapter of the great histories of The Kyngdoms, where Hoth brings into the void both Veradu, who was water and earth, and Ergon, who was fire and air, and from them the universe was created and Hoth was no more.

Damarkan was the fairest and most beautiful of the worlds in the whole universe. Damarkan was the essence of Veradu and Ergon incarnate, whose forces of water, earth, fire and air came together to form the beauty that was Damarkan. The land was covered with amazing forests of trees that lit up the star-filled night sky, lakes that shimmered under the blanket of the cosmos, mountains that reached into the skies, and landscapes of such beauty to take the breath away. It was a new world in new universe and everything there was good and great. [read more...]
Spotlight - Fandor

The son of a mortal woman the terrible Aslah Gygafrak, Fandor was the line of Onnus renewed and through him Amman was defeated and Hakkan killed. Now the people of Arrasia wait for his coming to help them against Zykerathox. [read more...]
Spotlight - the Cosmos

Arrasia stands at the heart of creation, the coming together of all its elements in a constant struggle. But there is so much more, so read on to take a journey of a lifetime! [read more...]
Zinedoms - Issue 5

We've managed the impossible and quite literally squeezed the whole cosmos into this, our 5th issue of the Zinedoms! [read more...]
Got ideas? Get involved!

Want to get involved in The Kyngdoms? We're always on the lookout for new material, so if you think you've got what it takes, why not drop us a line? [read more...]
Blackfen - Guilds

Blackfen is dominated by Guilds who protect the interests of their members. Take a look at the 19 Guilds that control the lives of so many people of the city. [read more...]
Blackfen - the Military

The defense of Blackfen, Kirn and the surrounding areas is paramount and falls primarily to the Silver Stalwarts of Blackfen, the Watchers of the South and the local militia. There is also a small armed dwarven contingent to help out. [read more...]
Blackfen - Politics

The city of Blackfen is governed by the City Council, a semi-elected body who represent all of the people of the city and the surrounding districts, including Kirn. The decisions made by the council are final. [read more...]
Blackfen - People

Blackfen is a vibrant and lively city where ordinary people live their everyday, uneventful lives, caring very little for anything that does not affect them. [read more...]
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